Regular Home Clean


As the name suggests, a regular service. You just book it in and, like magic we show up and clean clean clean. We recommend once a fortnight but would be delighted to accommodate your requirements.

Spring Clean

stock-photo-interior-table-home-indoor-flat-apartment-couch-living-rent-665d381f-23ee-4ff5-9f48-3e624b6bcd66 (1).jpg

Think of it like a spa for your home. Perhaps you have a problem area that you'd like dealt with once and for all, or you have just found a new home and would like it to sparkle before you move your things in.

One-off Clean


Having a big party and don't want to deal with the aftermath? This is the service for you. With the same features as the regular home clean but without an ongoing commitment.



“The house looks amazing - seriously has never looked so clean. We are really impressed.”