Take a mini break.

We totally get it, doing the housework can be a drag! But at Neatly, we love doing all of the jobs you loathe, like scrubbing the shower glass and toilet or cleaning the grease off your kitchen extractor. Have a look at our Cleaning Checklist to see what's included.

If you have a particularly busy period coming up; your in-laws are visiting or maybe a special occasion happening at home, pop on over to the bookings page and book your slot. We will work our magic in a jiffy, something off the list! Hooray! Tick!


Additional Services

We have many luxurious add ons that you can include with your service. We are more than happy to make your beds, we can also vacuum your mattress for you.

Other services include

  • Window cleaning

  • Cobweb removal

  • Wall cleaning





"The house looks, feel and smells WONDERFUL.
Thank you. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿปโค๏ธ๐ŸŒนโ€

โ€” L.C.

Emily did a fantastic job.

โ€œ...it was like walking into a brand new flat.โ€

โ€” R.H.

You did such a wonderful job.

"Hey Emma. Thank you so much.
You did such a wonderful job. And so lovely of you to leave chocolate and a card.โ€

โ€” A.C.



Spend more quality time with your family.

Let us take care of the cleaning for you. We will do a brilliant job, promise.