We love helping people.

People today, particularly women are under lot of pressure, to be a great mother and wife, keep an amazing job and keep the house clean too! I’m all for equality, but the data tells us that women still do the majority of domestic work. Come on girls, we deserve a break — we’ve earned it — and let’s face it, there are so many more important things that we could be doing!


My name is Emma Porter and I started Neatly because I love nothing more than coming home to a gloriously clean home knowing that there are clean sheets on the bed. But let’s get real, cleaning our homes doesn’t need to wreck the planet, it doesn’t need to wreck our health either.

Why would you clean with something that is bad for you, me, your cat, your fish not to mention your children, when the non-toxic version cleans as well as (if not better than) its toxic cousin? It’s true, the non toxic version can sometimes clean better. For example, removing mould from a shower is tricky business, many people would reach for bleach, however bleach does not kill mould, rather it whitens it so it is no longer visible, creating horrible fumes in the mean time. When bleach is combined with other common cleaning products such as acid or ammonia, the fumes can be harmful. Vinegar on the other hand kills mould, so too does Clove Oil. Both non toxic.


Another area of concern is the strong perfume often present in cleaning products. As consumers, through advertising, we are lulled into believing that the strong smell of our ‘fresh’ laundry is the smell of cleanliness, but studies have shown that the air coming out of your dryer can carry known carcinogens. Yup. Cancer-causing. No thanks! I definitely want my home to be clean and smell good, but I don’t want it to make me sick. So we use a range of products that are much more mild on us and the planet, but when used properly, harsh on grime and gunk.


We are also passionate about this beautiful earth on which we live and feel that we have to take charge of its care and teach our children to to do the same. We believe that there is enough rubbish on the planet without contributing still more, so we have worked hard on minimising our waste in all aspects of the business, from the materials that we use to clean your home, cleaning products and office practices. We also do business with other companies that share the same values. We are very excited when our clients share our quest to reduce their impact and we are more than happy to discuss waste reduction strategies. Please get in touch, it really is much easier than you think.

In order to facilitate this waste reduction, we offer a free service to all of our clients, collecting soft plastics for recycling through Redcycle.