Features Overview

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Cleaning Cloths

You will not ever see any microfibre cloths in the Neatly kit, they may be touted as a miracle in the cleaning sphere, however the terrible secret that they are not telling you about these synthetic cloths is, they shed. They shed millions of tiny microfibres, these fibres are so tiny that they can pass through event the most sophisticated sewage treatment system, meaning they end up in the beautiful ocean. These microscopic fibres are then ingested by fish and sea creatures, poisoning the environment and the food chain. Billions of these fibres are washed into the ocean daily, we do not want to exacerbate the problem.

Instead, we purchase bulk rags from a local wholesaler. These rags are clothing and towels that have being diverted from landfill. They are washed and sorted and now we use them to polish your windows and mirrors.


Brass Squeegees

Oh how we love our squeegees! They are so beautiful and shiny, they feel like a solid object to hold and they will last a long time, I'm willing to bet you could use one for a hundred years without needing to replace it. Unlike its evil cousin the cheap plastic squeegee, does the same job for a short while, when it breaks it gets thrown 'away', but my friends 'away' is no longer out of sight, it is here, staring us in the face as a terrible plastic crisis. So, brass it is.


Rubber Gloves

Despite being non toxic, the products we use to clean your home can still be harsh on our hands. In protecting our hands, we use 100% FSC Certified latex rubber gloves. The rubber is sourced from responsibly managed plantations and the workers are paid a fair wage. When they finish their lives with Neatly they become part of someones garden, we send them off to be composted in an industrial composting facility.


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